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ATL 4 and ATL 5



ATL 4 and ATL 5 are exclusive shapes which allow a clean uncluttered appearance for fully rigged Atlantic Towers Custom Arches and Hardtops. The flat surface is thick enough to support everything from lighting and radar to center riggers. Equipment is bolted directly to the ATL 4 or 5 extrusion on the flat surface on custom arches. On Custom Hardtop applications, the ATL 4 or 5 is placed directly under and in contact with the fiberglass top. These extrusions are welded into the hardtop frame typically run the full length on the centerline of a custom hardtop. This allows installation of a radar antenna, or any other equipment on the top surface.

The wiring and accessory mounting bolts can be concealed when you rig an Atlantic Towers Custom Hardtop. (click here for complete wiring instructions) Once equipment is mounted and the wiring and cables are run, UV resistant plastic cover panels snap back into position completely hiding everything.

Accessory Lighting may be recessed into, or mounted on the panels.