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Installation Instructions


Ian buffs the boat, and we install the new Tower in the Box

How To Install an Atlantic Towers Arch

Walkaround Tee Install

Radar/Fishing Arch Installation

Adjustable Fishing Arch Video Installation Guide

Glue & Screw Install Instructions (pdf file)

Walk-Around Tee Top Install Instructions (pdf file)

Trailer Boats Magazine Installs a Custom Fishing Hardtop (pdf file)

Trampoline T-Top Installation Instructions (pdf file)
Epoxy Welded Trampoline T-Top KD Assembly Instructions (pdf file)

Installation of M100 and Other Fittings (pdf file)

Wiring Instructions (pdf file)

Pontoon Arch Installation Instructions

Radar Arch Installation Instructions

Hardtop Installation Instructions

Suntop Assembly and Installation Instructions

Kit 2 Hinge Assembly Instructions (pdf file)

Mediterranean Sun Top Install Instructions (pdf file)

Installing Arch Hinge System (pdf file)

Basic Tools Required for most Installations (pdf file)

How to Conceal Wiring in ATL6 Custom Hardtops(pdf file)

Custom Hardtops Featured in Power & Motoryacht Magazine

How to Lace a Fabric T-Top