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T-Top Accessories

Anchor Running Light

Regulations call for your anchor light to be above the highest permanent structure on your boat. So if you’re going to be “on the hook” after dark, you should plan to move the anchor light to your T-top. We make two lights on custom anodized aluminum masts which can be mounted directly to the outer ring of your Trampoline T-top. The lights are installed with four 1/4” screws, and can be “turned upside down” to allow a winter cover or shrink wrap to go directly over your Trampoline T-top. Available in two heights, choose the approximately 5” high mast if overall height is an issue either on the water, or on the trailer. Choose the approximately 18” high mast if you are installing a radar antenna, as the light will need to be above it. If your boat is 26’+ and you need to show stern or forward steaming light when running the two way light head allows the two lamps to be wired independently.

MA22000A 5" Anchor Running Light with LED Head
MA22200A 18" Anchor Running Light with LED Head

Antenna Bracket Option

Antenna Bracket threaded 1”-14 for mounting VHF, GPS and other antennas. Clamps to perimeter of “Trampoline” t-top (or any other structure made from 1 1/2” schd 40 pipe measuring 1.90” o.d.) for fast installation. May be rotated down by loosening 4 allen screws in the clamp. Part # KIT22100 $129

works with all antennas
lead VHF or other cable into T-top frame for concealment

Flat Plate Mounting Kit

Flat Plate Mounting Kit provides a 3” x 5 1/2” flat surface anywhere on the Trampoline T-top perimeter ring. This may be used to mount antenna brackets, running lights and other gear on the t-top which requires a flat surface. Part # KIT22200 $129

Adjust-O-Launcher" Rod Holder

The Atlantic Towers unique patented Adjust-O-Launcher Rod Holder allows an additional rod holder to be placed anywhere on your Arch. The Clamp assembly is anodized to the same hardness as your arch, and may be installed and removed without marring the finish of your Arch. You can try as many positions as you wish. Available in clear natural aluminum.
Gold Anodized finish available for special order.
Please call 732-237-8800

To change the position of the rod holder to any one of 12 settings, simply loosen the internal allan screw, set the rod holder to the new position and clamp back onto the Arch

Available Individually for $129 each, or if you order four or more $119 each
Adjust-O-Launcher in Clear, part # AJ305C (includes clamp for 1 1/2” pipe)

Adjust-O-Net Holder

Utilizing our same unique patented Adjust-O-Launcher system, the Adjust-O-Net Holder can be placed anywhere on your structure. The Clamp Assembly is anodized to the same hardness as your structure and may be installed and removed without marring the finish of the structure. You can try as many positions as you wish. Available in clear natural aluminum.

Available Individually for $109 each, Part # AJ30700

Pair of Starboard™ Mounting Bars Option

Mounting Bars are machined from “Starboard” a plastic polymer that is strong, but smooth. They slip between the “Trampoline” T-top’s aluminum frame and the fabric “Trampoline”. They are countersunk on top to allow thru bolting to the aluminum frame. The Mounting Bars allow installation of equipment such as radar or antennas by bolting thru top fabric into mounting bars. Also used to support overhead electronics consoles (see package deals below) , if correctly spaced, one pair of bars can perform both functions. It is necessary to drill the “Trampoline” T-top frame for installation.

Bars sold as pairs with all mounting hardware. $159 Our Part # KIT21000

Standard Stand Off Kit

Additional Pair of Stand Offs for securing Trampoline T-top Legs to Console Kit #13. In some installations, particularly where the stand offs must be mounted on the forward or rear legs instead of the cross bar, in order to achieve maximum stability of the T-top structure it may be necessary to add a second pair of standoffs between the T-top legs and the console. Our Part # KIT13000 $99.00

Xtra Long Stand Off Kit

Some unusually shaped consoles, consoles that are unusually low, or where the Trampoline T-top legs cannot be positioned close to the console, may require a longer stand off than the 4" one supplied. This extra long stand off provides 8" of length and it may be installed at an angle as in these photos. Our Part # KIT13100 $129.00

Diagonal Brace Option

A few center console boats may provide limited areas to install the standard side brace, or if you have mounted a great deal of heavy equipment on your Trampoline T-Top, such as electronics enclosures, radar, etc, you may want the added stability and support of diagonal sway braces. Fully adjustable and may be secured either on top of the console or on it's forward face.

KIT24240 $319

Replacement Fabric Tops

Replacement fabric tops for your Trampoline and Super Trampoline T-Tops in genuine Sunbrella by Glen Raven Mills includes lacing line.

Trampoline T-Top

TTS56000 Black Fabric Top $299.00
TTS57000 White Fabric Top $299.00
TTS58000 Green Fabric Top $299.00
TTS59000 Blue Fabric Top $299.00
TTS59500 Navy Fabric Top $299.00

Super Trampoline T-Top

TTS76000 Black Fabric Top $399.00
TTS77000 White Fabric Top $399.00
TTS78000 Green Fabric Top $399.00
TTS79000 Blue Fabric Top $399.00
TTS79500 Navy Fabric Top $399.00